How to use a Cuticle Remover: Best Guide


Perfect nails are every girl’s obsession and they invest lots of time on them. Trying every new look and following every new trend which comes up. Well, maintaining the nails is important to have the look you desire. You need to have well-manicured nails, then you would be able to pull out any look. If you aren’t aware of how you must treat your cuticle, here is the article for you.

The first thing you need to start with is well-manicured cuticles. You need to keep them in good condition if you wish to have beautiful nails. The condition can be maintained if you spend a minimum of at least 2 to 3 minutes of every day on your cuticles.

If cuticles hang on there and aren’t removed, they ruin your perfectly polished manicure. There is a layer of dead skin which grows along with your nails. If cuticles aren’t pushed back every now and then, you will notice the growth of the dead skin. The cuticle remover we are talking about here is used to remove the same dead skin from your nails. If the skin is removed, that would allow your fingernails to breathe as the excess of the dead skin is removed. 

If you haven’t chosen your cuticle remover yet, here’s our list of best cuticle removers of 2019.

Types of Cuticle Remover

If we talk about the types, there are two.

The first type of cuticle remover depends upon its high quality of pH balance, which as a result softens the dead skin. When softened, it further breaks down the dead skin which hangs onto your nails.

Next, is the remover which has alpha hydroxyl acid contained in it. The remover is used to break down the glue-like substance which in turn holds all the skin cells together with each other. The substance when broken down, can be easily pushed or taken off using a cuticle pusher or an orange stick.

When you are considering the factors to choose among the two, make sure you weigh in your skin’s reaction to the acid. This is because a lot of people are actually allergic to alpha hydroxy acids. The remaining factors are your personal choice. Decide upon going through how they work.

Steps on using a Cuticle Remover Perfectly

Clean The Nails

Before you go on with the process of applying the remover and removing all the dead skin, you need to clean your nails before that. If you have excess or leftover nail polish already in your nail, then remove it off using a nail polish remover. If you do not know, you must probably opt for a non-acetone nail polish remover. The reason is a normal acetone nail polish remover contains a lot more acidic chemical which might be reactive or harsh upon your skin. So for a safer side, you must try buying a nail polish remover which is non-acetone. After you are done with the nail polish removing process, you now need to wash your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water just in order to get rid of all the remover chemicals which might be sticking around in your nails.

Apply The Remover

When you buy the product, you will also be provided with a brush along with the product. That brush is used to apply and spread out the cuticle remover onto your nails. Well, it depends upon the product you buy because some removers are either brush on liquids or some kind of lotion. Both of them are easily available and absolutely a good substitute for easy use. The difference is the kind of use. Many consumers find lotion remover easy to use and hence opt for the same. If you are using a brush liquid, use a small portion just sufficient enough to draw a coat on the cuticle. If a lotion is used, squeeze a pinhead size drop onto each finger’s cuticle and spread it across the area of cuticle using your fingers. The time for which the remover needs to be leftover depends upon the product you bought. So, read the instruction of the product as it will have clearly mentioned instructions. The remover usually takes quite a bit of time to work and soften the cuticles so you need to have patience. For a rough view, as in most of the cases, you will be required to keep on the remover for at least 2 minutes but, not more than 10 minutes. You need to wash your hands again, wash till you get rid of the remover completely.

Apply cuticle lotion

The particles present in the cuticle remover may be acidic or harsh and may react upon your skin and your nails as well. So, it is always advised to use a good amount of lotion onto your cuticles and the nails. This provides it with enough moisture to facilitate better breathing and working.

Use cuticle remover or an orange stick

The process would be done if you have thin and fewer cuticles. In such a case, the remover and the lotion will remove all the unwanted cuticle off your nails. But, if you have probably thick cuticle, then you need a bit more work. If you probably have a thick cuticle, then you must stick it back onto its bed using a cuticle pusher. An orange stick is when you have simultaneously thin cuticle left over after using the remover and lotion.

Remove the leftover cuticle

If you still find some amount of cuticle standing up, then you need to use the manicure scissors to cut away the extra few inches of the cuticle. Watch out for the skin below the nail bed, it mustn’t be cut. If you do this, you must wash your hands again.

Apply cuticle oil

This is the last step, here you need to apply cuticle oil to your finger’s nail beds. This is for a more natural looking nails. Let your hand dry after you have used the oil.

Cuticle remover is used to get rid of the unwanted dead skin in the nails which makes the manicure look bad. You can choose from various types of removers and follow the above steps to get beautiful nails.

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