How to Protect Shower Mirror from Fogging Up


Everyone wishes to enjoy a hot bath. A hot bath after a long day of work sounds soothing, isn’t it? Yes, it feels just as fascinating as it sounds. But, what gets on the nerve is the shower mirror fogging up during the entire shower session and staying fogged even after the shower. It is often the place, people get ready at and having to clean the mirror every now and then can be irritating. Especially when you are way behind the schedule and you end up wasting more time cleaning it and then getting ready. Along with time wastage, comes the stress which is built up because of the entire thought of getting late. And, at times it might even cost you something. People use the mirror for various activities including shaving, trimming, cleaning. Brushing etc and the need for the mirror stays just as important.

Prevent shower mirror from fogging up

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If you have ever encountered any of the above situations or any situation as similar to the mentioned one, you know what kind of feeling I’m talking about. So, if you wish to get rid of the problem just as much as I wish to, you may refer to the below mentioned tips and tricks which will get you rid of the fog depositing on your mirror every day.

Ways to Prevent Shower Mirror from Fogging Up

1. Shaving cream

This is a common product which is available at everyone’s home and is actually a great deterrent for foggy mirrors. The use would be 2 in 1 here when you will be having a morning session. Along with which, you can use the same commodity and defog your mirror. The method to defog your shower mirror using shaving cream is just as easy and simple as it sounds. Make sure the next time you shave before your shower in front of the mirror to apply the same cream onto the mirror as well. Apply the cream on the mirror and then wipe it using a towel, make sure you wipe it clean. This would make your mirror fog free at least for a few weeks. It’s simple and a great hack which you must try.

2. Vinegar

If you want an alternative, you may go for a vinegar solution as well. This is a great hack as well which would get you rid of all the unwanted formation of fog. Any kind of mirror cleaners have tons and tons of chemicals and might usually cost you a lot. For a more natural and a cheaper way, you can use vinegar as a solution to keep your mirrors fog-free. Mix a 50 percent portion of water with 50 percent portion of vinegar. Add this mixture into an old bottle with a spray end along with dish soap. Mix all the items by thoroughly shaking the bottle to and fro. Now, spray this mixture onto the mirror and then wipe it using a towel. Wipe it clean. After this is done, you will have a mirror which will stay fog-free for a few days. Once fog starts developing, you can repeat the procedure again. The vinegar usually contains an odor and stays for an hour after you have used it. If you wish to not come in contact with the odor, you can simply add lemon juice onto it to get a fresh and enhanced aroma.

3. Dish soap

This is yet another method to get rid of shower fog. This method is not a long lasting one but just a quick fix for the day. You can apply a few drops of dish soap onto your palms and then use water to rub both the hand and the derived soap mixture must be applied to the mirror. Apply the mixture just using the hand and the moment they dry up, wipe the mirror with a clean towel spotless. This usually stays for a day and hence is not a method I would recommend but it can be fun because you can write ghost messages on a foggy mirror and then creep out your other family members.

4. Car wash and de-foggers

Any kind of washers or defoggers which belong to your car washing equipment and have been left over or are no longer in use can be used to make your mirrors for free. You can simply spray the leftover wash material on the mirror, just like the way you would do to your car and then, later on, clean it dry with a towel. This must do the work for a few days and can be repeated again and again whenever desirable. This fix is deemed to work just like it would work for your car.

5. Blow dryer

If you are not a fan of any kind of fixes and if you wish your mirror to stay just as natural as it was when you bought it. Yes, this can happen, some people do not like applying anything to their mirror and wish to keep is just natural. If you belong to that part of the audience, you can, of course, opt to not use any of the above mentioned items. You can simply use a blow dryer to make the process of the defogging forward i.e. end or get done with soon. Get your blow dryer and before you use it on your hair, simply use it on the mirror to get rid of the fog which has already been built up. You will have to do this every day whilst you chose your mirror to stay natural.

Yes, if you are facing issue with the fog which develops in your shower mirror, you can get rid of it. Use of vinegar, car wash, dish wash or shaving creams onto the mirror can come handy and can take you out of the situation for a moment of time ranging for few weeks to few days or even a single day. In case of no wish to do the same, you can go for a normal blow dry and blow dry your mirror along with your hair.

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