Best Gaming Recliners 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide


Have you ever encountered any of the e-gamers, playing their tournament sitting on a normal office chair or any standard, everyday chair? No right! This is probably because while playing games on electronic devices, the posture you make and the kind of comfort your body experiences matters. Now you cannot have a good posture in a normal chair while completely dwelling on to the vibes and environment of the game. It is a natural reflex of human beings. This is the point where gaming chair came into existence. People who like playing games are bound by the nature of the game which won’t let you give up easily. You won’t notice but you’ll end up spending many hours continuously as games are quite addictive. You simply cannot help it.

It is when you have been playing an intense game for hours, that you experience how your furniture can actually affect you. Hey there Gamer, you know what I mean right? Yes, if you wish to take your gaming experience to a new level, the best thing you can do is, get yourself a gaming recliner. For people who like to win, this can provide a bit of butter down your way to success, simply so you could slide on without the walking efforts.

Top 10 Best Gaming Recliners Reviews

Now, with all the models, which have been hitting the market with so much attention and attraction, finding the one which you think will suit you the best is difficult. Also, getting a recliner can be expensive and so, anyone would want their money to be put into the best use. We do not want you to buy a product just so you were half aware of the merits and demerits and regret it later on. So, we will let you get rid of the efforts of you going through a vast number of lists. Here is the best list of top 10 recliners which you can easily select from. Go through the guide and spare yourself the efforts of decision making.

GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This chair is super comfortable and is quite similar when compared with a PC gaming chair with gaming designs. The price is an addition if compared with the same chair, i.e. it is a lot more reasonable. The GTracing chair has a built-in footrest, removable lumbar support, along with a recline function of 90-170 degree. The backrest, armrest and height of the seat can be adjustable according to your need. The 360 swivel legs are mounted on 5 heavy-duty casters.

This chair is covered with PVC and as a result, it is easy to clean, comfort being the prime objective. The material of this chair almost feels like remarkable quality leather. If you belong to the category of people who wish to enhance their gaming experience or simply spend a lot of time gaming, this chair would turn out to be your best investment. Get yourself GTracing and experience the better yourself.



  • This chair is strong and can support weight up to 330 pounds.
  • When on this chair, you can rotate it as far as 360 degrees, i.e. entirely and you can lean back on it up to 170 degrees.
  • For your head, it has pillow headrest and for your back, it has great lumbar support.
  • The frame of this chair is metal and has been made up of P-Leather.
  • This chair gives you a warranty card for one-year.
  • If you compare it in terms of price, this product is actually the cheapest.
  • The back support is good, but when you actually lean back on it, you might feel the chair would break or you may fall down.
  • The money spent is still more but in the end, it is all fair.


It is a strong chair which is great for elder people and also those who are slightly weighted. The chair is comfortable as it can really rotate and revolve greatly in 360 degrees and 170 degrees. The padded areas in the chair are facilitated for sensitive areas which are actually quite surprising. The frame and leather are also not disappointing. This chair is actually a great catch for comfort and functions The money spent is still more but in the end, it is all fair.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair Ergonomic Backrest and Seat Height Adjustment Recliner Swivel Rocker with Headrest and…

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$135.99 $199.99

Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

There are people who are die-hard gamers and they usually play gaming sessions which are intense. This requires them to lean forward in order to focus more on it or, even lean back when the game draws them close. This recliner covers all such possibilities. The Ace Bayou X Rocker also comes with a backrest and armrest which is padded for excess comfort.

This is facilitated in order to provide the user with total stability and control over the game, which would result in a great gaming experience. For addition, there are two wireless speakers and a subwoofer, to provide you with an environment with an illusion which is as real as you actually playing the game. Additional features are given without troubling your body i.e. comfort is as well taken care of.



  • The design of this recliner is absolutely good.
  • The sound quality of the speakers and the base of the subwoofer is excellent.
  • This recliner is actually easy to assemble when taken apart.
  • With all the sounds and real gaming experience, this recliner is best for a short time gaming.
  • The head part of the recliner is well padded.
  • To enjoy most of this recliner, you can easily connect it with your system or a smartphone.
  • The rocking of this chair has no limit so, if played longer, it might end up on your back.
  • If you are playing a game for more than 3 hours, you might feel uncomfortable.
  • The speakers in this recliner are set near the ear, which could cause serious damage to your ear if played on high volume.
  • The base of the chair doesn’t have enough padding, i.e. the butt area and so it might be really uncomfortable for you with time.
  • The armrest of this recliner is too low.


This chair provides a great experience for die-hard gamers. For people who spend hours on the chair, playing games should seek out for this chair. There is excessive comfort provided by this chair which makes it possible for users to bear the stress of hours. Comes along with it, great speakers which make it possible for you to actually have a great environment of gaming which is real and great.

Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

20 used from $51.26
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X-Rocker 5125401

This is another recliner which has many of its traits as similar to the one mentioned above. This recliner is made with the utmost care and concern of the user in mind. This recliner serves various purposes with great ability. The user can lean forward, rest back or simply choose to sit idle in a straight position. It is built with the most trending and popular tech features available in the market. This chair assists the use of Bluetooth.

It also has a transmitter known as a wireless receiver which can be used to connect and communicate with various other members having an RCA stereo output. This feature best explained with the example – if you are in an online mode of a game having multiplayer, you can connect with them easily without the use of a special headset.



  • The cushions are placed in such a way that it will support your back.
  • It will help you form a posture which is effortless.
  • The assembling of this chair is actually quite tiresome.


This is actually a pretty decent recliner for all the gamers. If you find yourself a lot playing crucial battles which demand you to not look off or waste even a second, this chair is for you. You may not need to watch onto your comfort because this chair meets your important battles demand.

Vertagear Racing Series

This recliner is among the recliner series which are specially built with caution for people who play a lot of computer games. This recliner is adjustable in four different directions and is well padded whilst the shape of the user’s arm. For those of you, who spend a lot of time playing with the intention to win, this chair is for you.

The tilt feature of this arm is the most attractive feature it possesses. When you tilt forward, you can lock yourself easily just so you are provided with a base and do not need to insert a lot of pressure on your feet. The design is as well carefully draw that when you rest back, your head, back and neck will not experience pressure. When in extreme level of gaming, its design will not make your body experience any kind of fatigue as it is built that way.



  • Compliments the office
  • High-quality materials used
  • Comfortable for long periods of time
  • Triple adjustment for the armrest
  • Multiple adjustments for backrest position
  • Optional back/headrests
  • Wheels are smooth and quiet
  • Armrests are wobbly


With four different directions options and a great padded facility, this chair is great for long time gamers. For people focusing on winning, you can do that easily through this chair as it helps you invest great concentration. You can even lock yourself at various angles which is safe for your feet. All in all, this is compatible with heavy gamers.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line Ergonomic Office Chair – Black/Carbon (SL4000)

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Merax Racing Style Chair

The Merax racing chair has been developed with a lot of hard work to give you a result which is, suitable for computer gaming. If you consider yourself a gamer or simply is a person spending a lot of time sitting in front of a PC, you know that the need to have a specially configured gaming chair is so vital.

This can be a great chair for such people. All the users of this chair have lodged in their reviews and most of them are positive and say this chair is actually comfortable and help enjoy a game smoothly without a watch on to their back or relaxing elsewhere. It has a rocker of 260-degree swivel and is quite smooth. This chair can be summed up as comfortable and well equipped.



  • Costs below $300
  • Can select from a wide range of colours.
  • Has a 180 degree recline feature.
  • The seat is a bit narrow and isn’t good for big-time gamers.


This is an affordable product which would cost you below $300 and is quite well functioned as per its price. It is of the most comfortable chairs out there in the market. It has a great 180-degree reclining feature and comes along a 260-degree swivel which is actually quite smooth to experience. This would be a great chair if you want a more comfortable chair and aren’t a big-time gamer.

Merax PP010071CAA Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair with with Footrest and Back Support Reclining, Blue

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OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat

Some users are very much passionate about gaming but, unfortunately, they are not focused enough to play well and focus nicely on it. There are a number of distractions which take them off the hook. To enhance the experience as well as the skills of the player, the open wheeler advanced racing seat comes with providing you with an actual racing environment.

By providing an actual gaming experience, the skills can be improved. You can have an exact environment because there are real sifting functions, an accelerator and a brake. All you have to do is catch hold of the controller. Dwell yourself into the game completely and experience motions just as real. Trying pairing it with a VR and you can really have the best ultimate gaming experience.



  • Total adjustment control.
  • Suitable for all gaming consoles/PC.
  • Totally compatible with Logitech G27/G29/G920 & Thrustmaster wheels.
  • All the stability you will ever need.
  • Real racing car seat.
  • Sits very low in the ground which makes it difficult for the user to get in and get out of it.


If you are searching for the product which would help you along in increasing and improving your gaming skills, this is it. This chair gives you the real environment because it has all the real features which give you the ability to focus entirely on the game. If you want an experience just as real, we recommend you go for this recliner.

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shift Mount

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$378.00 $449.00

GTR Racing Simulator

This recliner has just as similar experience as the OpenWheeler. But, this recliner has actually advanced features. This is because there is an actual steering wheel, an actual gear shift, actual brakes and accelerator. This recliner has a range of monitor stand of one to three just so you can set the angles of the racing from wide to narrow.

This design is just like a real racing car. All the difference it has is, it is just not an actual game. This chair is reclining in nature and can support user experience for long periods of intense gaming. Here, is presenting you a world-class virtual gaming experience with resources that form together with the virtual reality.



  • Foldable with a compact design.
  • Comparably cheap.
  • Compatible with all wheels and pedals.
  • Not sturdy
  • Hard to get in and out for a certain group of users.


This chair has all the features and accessories in real, including a steering wheel. This is what is fascinating about this chair. Get the most out of this chair because it can support gaming for long periods. Enjoy the VR like never before.

GTR Simulator GTA Model with Real Racing Seat, Driving Simulator Cockpit Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount

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X Rocker 5171101

Our body is harmonic and it is obvious a person will get all heated up after a certain period of constantly playing games. It doesn’t matter even if you are sitting in the same spot and doing so. To support this, this chair comes with a fabric which is breathable mesh fabric. This fabric facilitates a comfortable and adequate temperature throughout the time you have been playing the game.

In case you have been in the chair playing for hours which might have an impact on your back, this chair provides a great backrest for the same. Along with comfort, it provides electronic, such as two speakers and subwoofer for a better experience.



  • Affordable
  • The design is very attractive
  • May feel cheap for some users as some have claimed it to be cheap and less durable.


This is a standard chair which would help you play games for a really long time. It supports your body in a way which is sweat free, comfortable. This chair greatly supports your body and your back during intense gaming sessions. If you are a person who wants a standard, yet highly comfortable chair, this one goes for you.

X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair, Black/White Checkered Flag

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AkRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

This chair is as well designed for computer gaming. This AkRacing Core series EX Gaming Chair has a feature of locking tilt through which you can secure your gaming position in which you prefer. It won’t sacrifice on your comfort and nor would it put a lot of pressure on your legs even when you lock your preferred position.

The recliner and the height of this chair are adjustable. It even has 3D armrests. You can play any kind of game comfortably and customize this chair easily as per your likes. It also contains a great look to suit the user’s charisma. If you want a great and challenging gaming chair, this is the chair you would want to look for.



  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy built
  • The fabric of this chair is breathable.
  • Not generously padded
  • Fully flat recline


If you are into computer gaming, here is your ideal product. You can lock your desired position which stressing over your feet and body. It is greatly adjustable and has 3D armrests. Here is the chair which is easy to customize. This is another great chair, challenging enough.

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair with High Backrest, Recliner, Swivel, Tilt, Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms with 5/10…

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$219.99 $349.00

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series

This chair doesn’t compromise with comfort which does not mean it would compromise with the functions. This recliner has cushions which are soft to touch and it also has a stereo which is built-in.

It has great padding which is great for your body’s comfort and it also has a wireless transmitter which adds on to the functions of this chair. Do you still doubt on this chair’s gaming experience and also comfortability? This combination might be rare but yes, it does exist.



  • The price of this recliner is affordable.
  • There is heavy padding for extreme comfort.
  • The quality of this chair is not long lasting


If you don’t want to compromise with the comfort and neither the functions, here is the chair for you. Experience both at the same time through this chair.

Best Gaming Recliners Buying Guide an Pro Tips

If you want a product which would not get out all disappointed or regret, it is better to look out for some key feature. There are some things you can watch out for, in case you need extra comfort and the value for your money. Some of them are mentioned below: –

Frame: The first and prior thing you should inquire about is the frame on which the chair is built up. You might want to watch out for the frame material because that would predict the life span of the chair. The most common kind of material used in making up recliners is aluminium. It can be a great substitute for steel as it is a lot cheaper, light and strong. This is perfect for a standard recliner chair as it is cost effective.

Another material used is a stainless stain. It is compatible with heavy gamers and adults as they are a lot stronger and heavier. However, it might cost you more as compared to the aluminium chairs but, so does it work according to its price.

Design and padding: You can choose from two kinds of foams which are used as padding for your recliner. There is a classic foam and a memory foam. Classic foam is very common and is great when perfectly layered. It is standard and isn’t recorded to perform malfunctions. Memory foam is actually equally effective but, can be referred to as superior. It is popular for its firmness and moulds as per your body type.

Don’t forget to check the design of the chair. For instance, you should check for the chairs which have extra padding at areas which might experience a lot more stress. This is to ensure, you do not go through any kind of trouble sitting there for a while.

Nylon mesh and PU leather: It is a plastic component used in the making of gaming recliners which are lightweight and aren’t the ones which would fray easily. PU leather is actually a kind of synthetic leather which costs less as per the maintenance and manufacturing. PU is as well eco-friendly

Material: When you are shown various chairs with various kind of material, make sure you demand one whose material is breathable. This is a necessity because you will be spending an enormous time on that recliner, binge playing your favourite games. Breathable materials also are in demand because they do not easily let any kind of odour stay within them as air easily passes through them.

High back: This is a must because it gives your body a posture which won’t harm your body and also a great support to your back. A good posture is important to keep a healthy gaming life but people seem to ignore it more than often and so the chair should best assist the back and posture.

Wheels: This feature is according to your interest. If you want to move around your place playing games, then select a similar one and if you want a well stable experience, make sure you are select a recliner which doesn’t move and also balance enough and don’t lead to you, falling off on the floor.

What's the Need for Gaming Recliners?

The need for this product is simply comfort. For people crazy about gaming, getting in terms with body sprains and muscle pulls is quite common. But, what is the need to experience such trouble if you can get yourself an alternative product which can actually help you away from all such bodily troubles? Recliners are of different types which differ on the basis of the features provided. Weigh in all the recliners as per your need for it is you who would be using it and it is you who would be spending on the hard-earned bucks on buying it.

Who Should Use Gaming Recliners?

This recliner can be used by literally anyone irrespective of age and gender. All you have to make sure is, you do not dwell yourself into too much of gaming just because you have the recliner of comfort. Heavy gaming and addiction with gaming have a number of diverse negativities. It can cause harm to you in a way you cannot imagine or think of. As said, too much of anything is dangerous, so is gaming and addiction to it.

Final Verdict

There are many chairs in the market which are available for you, apart from the ones mentioned above. You can check on the requirements of the games you play and compare if similar facilitation is provided in any of the chairs. Make sure you check out all the recliners before deciding on buying a single chair. Also, you can try the recliner before buying and then buy it accordingly.


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