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The use of shower mirrors in the bathrooms for various purposes like shaving or makeup has become necessary. The concept of using them is to save time and finish off these tasks quickly. Shower mirrors have become a mandatory part of modern bathrooms. People feel they are extremely convenient, stylish and useful. A wide range of shower mirrors is available today. But one major drawback that these mirrors had was fogging. These mirrors turn translucent after using the bathroom. This makes grooming difficult. Conventionally, this was the case with shower mirrors, but it’s not anymore.

The world of decor and interior design has seen several innovations in the recent days and fogless mirrors are one such newbie. They are available with inbuilt lights, adjustable angles, locking suction and many more features. Fogless shower mirrors are sure to make your bathrooms look smarter and better. It is very annoying to find your mirror fogged after a bath. So this article will be a buying guide for you to get the best fogless mirror. This will also cover the things that you need to look for while buying a fogless mirror for your bathroom.

Top 10 best fogless shower mirror for your everyday bathroom needs

Fogless shower mirror finds their place in any ideal bathroom. Many designs come even with razor holders so that you need not to spend extra money on shelves. The installation of a shower mirror is simple too. Plenty of such varieties are available. You can also carry them for tours or vacations. Fogless technology is now getting immensely popular. You can get the best one for your home too. Some of the best choices of a fogless mirror are listed here and this will assist you in a big way. These are also clubbed with pros, cons and many other tips that you should look before you buy one for your home.

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

ToiletTree fogless shower mirror is a wonderful product if you love to have more viewing space. The design of the mirror is done in such a way that you can view more of your face and body effortlessly. The rectangular shaped mirror does not occupy a lot of space too.

The working of this mirror is absolutely interesting. To make the mirror fogless forever, you need to take some warm water and add on the compartment given behind the mirror. You will not need any anti-fog sprays or coating at all. Just a few drops of hot water will do. This patented water chamber is removable too.

This fogless mirror has one more benefit and that is the squeegee. This helps you to look into the minute details of your face too. This is a unique design that stays secure on your shower wall. This squeegee is designed to remove all extra drops very quickly.

You also get a small built-in shelf where you can keep your razor, tweezers or sponges. This mirror comes with double-sided adhesive tapes along with a silicone adhesive. This sticks to the wall immediately and can be removed whenever you want. Also, it doesn’t leave any mark behind from where it was removed. It is adjustable and can be pivoted in all directions as you wish.


The inbuilt squeegee is a big advantage of this mirror. It looks stylish on any bathroom wall. The removable water compartment is another good feature. This gives a guarantee that the mirror is 100% anti-fog.


The small shelf provided cannot hold more than one accessory. Even if you manage to place many in that shelf, it will create a mess when you are in a hurry.

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

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HoneyBull Shower Mirror (Anti-Fog) Fogless Shower MirrorH

HoneyBull fogless shower mirror has a perfect size that will absolutely suit any bathroom. The quality of the anti-fog feature is stunning as it guaranteed to stay for a long time. To activate the fogless feature of the mirror, you need to just splash hot water on the reflecting surface.

The mirror is 5.7 inches in diameter. This is perfect for everyday use. You can easily shave or apply makeup without any extra efforts. The round design will make your bathroom look more amazing. Now you get to enjoy clear and sparkling reflections at a reasonable price.

This mirror comes with a strong and durable rubber suction cup. This can hold on to most surfaces with maximum strength for a long time. Also, there is a 360° socket which helps you rotate or swivel the mirror in all directions. You can adjust according to your wish while you shave for more clarity.

There is a hook for hanging your sponge or razor easily. Since it is a hook, it does not allow any water droplets to stay in the accessory for long.


The round design is more reliable for both men and women. The size is ideal for any bathroom. The color is also pleasant and suitable for all backgrounds.


The suction cup is not suitable for all types of tiles. It may not work for some kinds of tile texture or wall. It does not stick on surfaces like drywall, textured walls, and wallpapers.

Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Hook for A Perfect No Fog Shaving, 360 Degree Rotating for Easy Mirrors Viewing, Strong…

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Fogless Shower Mirror with Protective Silicone Sheath

This fogless mirror by Peppi Life is highly recommended for homes or for traveling purposes. It has plenty of advanced features that are designed to suit the requirements of every user. This mirror is ideal for cleansing, shaving, exfoliating and tweezing.

To enable the mirror to become fogless, you just need to expose the mirror to water. Before you shower, splash some water to make it totally fogless. It is not only suitable for bathrooms alone, but also for dressing rooms, bedrooms, and RV.
The silicone sheath is given on the back of the mirror and a strong nanomembrane material is given in the front that prevents the glass from breaking into pieces. In case, the mirror falls down, this will not leave fragments of broken pieces. So this is shutter proof and fully safe for carrying anywhere.

The mirror also comes with a 2-year limited warranty and is available at 30-day money back guarantee. The silica gel sheath comes along with the package and can be used to protect your mirror. This gel protects the glass surface for a long time.
The surface of the mirror has a nanomaterial film that protects your mirror from water droplets. Now you can shave in the shower without any restrictions as this mirror is not going to fog for up to 150° temperature. It is available in two colors black and white.

Do remember that this mirror doesn’t fog only when you splash some water on it before using.


The silica sheath makes the mirror shatterproof, so it is ideal for traveling. The mirror doesn't break into pieces and is totally safe in any household.


There is no suction cup or special adhesive. You need to nail the mirror on the wall near the shower to use it. Since you need to splash water every time before use, you can keep it detached too.

Fogless Shower Mirror with Protective Silicone Sheath for Shaving and Make-up,New Nano Fogless Technology That Real Works, Multi-Colors Option (black)

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Shatterproof Fogless Shower Mirror

This is the all new 2018 version of Mirrorvana fogless shower mirror. It is improved to stay fogless without any restarting or re-coating. You just need to fill up the provision given at the back of the mirror with warm or hot water. This will keep the mirror anti-fog for a very long time. This is available in the black color that goes well with all kinds of background.

This uses acrylic glass, therefore, it is unbreakable. This improved shatterproof mirror uses Upgraded Sticky Lock Suction Mechanism which makes it compatible with a wide variety of surfaces.  This uses a superior sticky suction cup that is reviewed to have amazing quality.

This upgraded version is totally worth its price. The dimension of the round black mirror is 8 inches and weighs about 1.5 pounds only. The outer frame is made up of ABS Plastic which is strong and long-lasting.

The fogless shower mirror uses a heat transfer mechanism which results in repelling of the fog formed. The installation of this mirror is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes. The suction cup should be fixed on a wall or any surface firmly and the process is complete. It has also got a razor holder which was absent in the previous versions.


This is much better than the older versions of Mirrorvana. This improved design has a better suction cap, good quality plastic frame and acrylic glass that also has 1X magnification power.


It is available only in black color. Design variants are not given. Therefore will be able to suit bathrooms that go well with a black framed mirror.

Shatterproof Fogless Shower Mirror For Shaving with Razor Holder and Superior Sticky Suction-Cup, 8" Diameter

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ToiletTree Bathroom Mirror, Bigger Reflective Surface & Thinner Frame

The new ToiletTree fogless mirror comes with plenty of features that cannot be missed. It has a bigger reflecting surface that is a rectangle in shape. Also, you can adjust the mirror according to your choice any time you want. This can be tilted in all directions.

This design too has a squeegee that enables to look into every single detail on your face or body. The squeegee is handy and can quickly clean up The mirror without any extra efforts. The mirror is designed with never fog technology. It has got an easy fill reservoir that needs to be filled with warm or hot water. Things like heating, steaming, coating or spraying are not necessary at all.

The design is more modern and unique. The extra reflecting space can be utilized for shaving, cleansing and many more without any restrictions. Suction cups are tiring and unreliable these days, so this modern design uses tape. This is a removable double-sided tape that uses quality adhesive. This leaves no marks and also can be removed whenever necessary.

ToiletTree has introduced a more convenient method of storing your accessories in this model. There is a small and compact shelf that can hold your tweezers, razors and more. The frame is thin and this makes the mirror classy.


The installation process is super quick. Also, it can be carried anywhere you want because of the fast installation and removal mechanism.


The mirror surface is not shattered proof. Since the surface of the reflecting area is more, there are high chances of breakage.

ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror with Squeegee, Large, Black

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Upper West Collection No Fog Shower Mirror

The Upper West Collection is a great product and is one of the fogless mirrors that is highly recommended. This is because of its stunning features. You can be 100% sure that this No Fog mirror is totally true. This does not need warm water filling or regular usage of spray to keep it fogless. Just a few splashes of hot water will suffice.

The installation of this mirror uses a silicon adhesive mechanism. Along with the mirror, you also get a silicone glue mounting kit that can be used even for textured surfaces. It goes well with absolutely any surface.

The suction uses a simple lock technology that prevents it from falling. This can be easily removed and used as a travel fogless mirror wherever you go. The fogless mirror is best for make-up removal, shaving and other grooming activities.

This No Fog shower mirror has got a rotating holder that can be pivoted in every direction. With the complete fogless mirror kit, you get a free razor holder. This can be attached to the mirror whenever you want.

The mirror is round and is silver in color. The diameter is 6.5 inch which is perfect for any grooming activity that is done in the shower.  This mirror is also available in another size. These are sold with a 100% money back guarantee if the mirror doesn’t fit properly.


Additional razor holder is available for free. It goes well in all the surfaces as it uses silicon glue.


There are no color options available for this fogless mirror.

Upper West Collection No Fog Shower Mirror with Rotating, Locking Suction; Bonus Separate Razor Holder | Adjustable Arm for Easy…

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QFX R-70S Wireless Speaker with Fogless Light Up Mirror

Lights, FM, AM, radio and many more features. This is an exciting fogless mirror that has plenty of benefits. It is perfect as a shower mirror because it is water resistant and anti-fog.

You can now tune into your favorite music, AM, FM and the radio with the help if this wireless speaker via Bluetooth. You can groom yourself every day in the morning while you listen to your favorite songs. Also, attend calls with this speaker effortlessly.

This fogless mirror has a built-in battery that can be recharged with a USB cable. It also has a telescopic antenna that can support calls and radio. Additionally, there are lights on this speaker too. So that you get a clear view of yourself.

This comes at an affordable rate when compared to many other Bluetooth shower speakers. It weighs about 1.3 pounds and its dimensions are 2 x 8.8 x 11 inches. This is unlike most shower speakers which do not have a mirror.


This is an all-in-one product that uses the latest technology to achieve all features at a time.


There is no specific tool that can be used for hanging the fogless mirror Bluetooth speaker. You can hang it on any smooth surface. The mirror is not very big.

QFX R-70S Wireless Speaker with Fogless Light Up Mirror White

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$29.84 $39.99

Cheftick Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-in Razor Holder

Cheftick fogless shower mirror uses the proven mechanism of restricting fog on the mirror. A reservoir like compartment, is given on the back where you can fill it up with warm water. The warmth of the water does not allow fog to be formed on the mirror. This water is removable, tilting the mirror will empty the reservoir completely.

This is very convenient for shaving as this has an in-built razor holder in it. This mirror comes in white color and is ideal for any bathroom. You can now use this mirror to shave in the shower.

The mirror has an adjustable 360° rotation mechanism that eases the process of shaving or cleansing. This enables easy viewing and swivel. The technique to adjust the angle also is very simple to use and understand. The material of the outer frame uses quality steel. The Product weighs about 15 ounces.

The suction cup is equally strong to make the mirror withstand do long. To enhance the lid of the suction cup, you must ensure that it has no water droplets while installing it.


The fogless mirror uses next-generation locking suction mechanism. This is strong to hold on to any smooth surface immediately.


Does not hold good for uneven surfaces or rough surfaces. They cannot stick on wood, stucco, textured wall, drywall etc. This works best only on smooth and polished surfaces.

Cheftick Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-in Razor Holder, 360 Degree Rotating for Easy Mirrors Viewing, Advanced Locking Suction & Adjustable…

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Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror

Are you looking for a lightweight and portable fogless shower mirror? Mirrorvana is the ideal mirror for you. It weighs only 8 ounces and is totally portable. The perfect dimensions of the reflecting surface give you a good view from all directions.

There is a suction mechanism that sticks onto any wall, vanity or tile surface. It works the best on surfaces made of marble, granite, glass, tile or marble. The reflecting surface is ergonomically designed to give a great viewing experience. The installation is quick as it used the suction cup. You can quickly remove it and put it another place too.

This mirror has an anti-fog coating that stays on for a reasonable period of time. Also, they are shatter proof, this means the mirror is unbreakable.

This is a wonderful gifting idea as the mirror looks stunning in all ways. Although it does not have any hook for accessories, it is worth the cost. The cost is reasonable and highly affordable too. This can make any bathroom look prettier than ever. Any person would love this as a gift.


The reflection surface of the mirror is shatterproof. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere you want and the mirror would not break. Perfect for vacations, trips and holidays.


The anti-fog coating given is not permanent and you will have to respray the surface again. This can be a little hassling and you might get a good fog spray for your mirror. There is no additional hook or shelf for your accessories. It does not hold good for non-porous surfaces or uneven surfaces.

Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving with Lock Suction-Cup, Shatterproof and Portable, 6.3 x 6.3 Inch

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Simplehuman Wall Mount Shower Mirror

Are you worried about suction cups that keep coming out? Then this Simplehuman wall mount shower mirror is the best one for you. The design looks more like a small television set and the mirror has got a strong anti-fog effect. This gives you crystal clear reflection every time you look into it. Instead of the regular suction cup, this fogless mirror uses adhesive strips and silicone glue. This is the major advantage of this wonderful piece.

It is perfect for any sized bathrooms and it comes with an adjustable angle. This helps you to pivot the mirror in any direction you like. The mirror has a number of hooks that will help you organize all your bath accessories all at one place. This is a very convenient piece that is essential for your bathroom.

The installation is the easiest in this mirror. All you need to do is stick the mirror using the given adhesive strips and silicone glue. The next thing you will be looking for the weight of the mirror. This mirror is highly durable and weighs about 11 ounces only. The dimensions of this mirror are 1.9 x 6.7 x 9.6 inches and are available in greyish white color.


The silicone glue and special adhesive strips are greatly appreciated. The installation is thus made easy and hassle-free. The anti-fog coating lasts for a long time and doesn't require any form of a spray or new coating in the future.


The hooks available for organizing things like razors, pouf are very small in size. Several hooks make organization a little difficult for you. This cannot hold good for busy and hurry mornings.

simplehuman Wall Mount Shower Mirror

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Best fogless shower mirror buying guide and pro tips:

If you have decided to buy a fogless shower mirror for your homes, then you must remember some tips like size, color design according to your bathroom. So here is a full list of tips that you need to look for while buying fogless mirrors. This will help you choose and buy the most suitable mirror.

● Colour of the outer frame must either be contrasting or matching with the bathroom.
● Size of the fogless mirror.
● Portability and installation of the mirror.
● The material used for the frame.
● Storage facility.
● The weight of the mirror.

What's the need for the fogless shower mirrors?

Fogless shower mirrors have a lot of benefits that cannot be missed. These fogless shower mirrors are sure to impress your guests, friends, and relatives. They look classy and have provisions to hold crucial tools like razors. So they are an affordable alternative for expensive bathroom cabinets. They save a lot of space in your bathroom too. Fogless mirrors give you a clear reflection at any time. They are best for shaving or applying makeup in your everyday life. You can very well carry this mirror for a vacation or trip and install them in bathrooms using the suction cup. This is highly advantageous for getting a clear view of yourself every time.

Who should use fogless mirrors?

Fogless mirrors are of maximum use for people who are working and need to get ready fast every day. Having these installed in bathrooms can save a lot of their precious time. This is also suitable for people who can’t spend too much on bathroom cabinets and extra lights. These serve well for the purpose of storing things judicially. Fogless mirrors are ideal for small bathrooms. Another important plus point of these fogless mirrors is that you will not need any nail or screw for installing. If you are moving to another home, you can easily carry them and fix on bathroom walls without hammering.

The final verdict: There are many aspects which depend upon choosing the right fogless mirrors for your home. You need to look for the main purpose of buying one for your home. Every single fogless mirror is unique in its own way. Choose the best color that will best suit the background of your bathroom. It could also be contrasting with the floor tiles. There are plenty of options to choose from. Nowadays, fogless mirrors with Bluetooth is also available. The choice given for you is plenty, focus on your sole purpose to get the best one.

Buying the best fogless mirror also greatly depends on how you handle the mirror. You may want a mirror that is fixed or wants one that can rotate. You will need to check for the material, its durability and strength. And of course, the mirror should be resistant to fogging. Make sure if the mirror is actually useful for the fellow members of your family. You can also get different mirrors for every bathroom according to the purpose. Now you can experience different design and style which makes your place unique.

It is suggested that you make a list of all the requirements that you will possibly look for in a mirror. Then select one piece that fulfills most of your need. Fogless mirrors are available from 15 USD to 45 USD or sometimes more that. So the first thing you must decide is your budget and then enlist all your essential factors. That can help you select a good fogless mirror for bathrooms in your home.

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