Best Cuticle Removers 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide


Cuticles are the think area of skin between your finger and the base of your nails. People trim and take care of them by pushing them back with the help of moisturising creams, special remover formulas and oils. They can also remove them using special trimmers.

People prefer cutting their cuticles using a tools similar to your nail cutters. The effect lasts longer and is less messy when compared with those formulas, oils and creams.They do this either after sitting through a manicure or after applying the remover creams. When the skin is softer, the cut tends to be cleaner. Its for this reason that the blades have to be sharp so that you prevent pushing down too heavily on the skin

If you’re going to cut your cuticles, you must use high quality stainless steel nippers. If they are not sharp, quality blades, you’ll run the risk of cutting your skin by pushing down too hard.There are loads of these trimmers in the market, each one with its own purpose. Here’s an overview of some popular ones under $30, to help you understand what they do, how they’re used and what might be best for you.

Top 10 Best Cuticle Remover 2019 for Your Everyday Needs

Cuticle Nipper with Cuticle Pusher from Blue Orchids

Try this cuticle trimmer set if you’re looking for an easy way to maintain of your hands and nails. It can be used for all manicure tasks and removes dead skin efficiently thanks to the sharp blades. Meant for use on hands and feet that are extremely dry and will help you save dollars at the salon!

What’s best about this Blue Orchids kit is that you get a cuticle trimmer and cutter. So there’s really no need to buy these tools separately. The blades on the jaw clipper head toolare very sharp, to give a precise and clean cut everytime, without any tugging or pulling.If you’re a professional and have to cut many cuticles in a day, then you’ll love this kit. The aligned blades and really big tapered spring loaded handles ensure that your grip is comfy, smooth and very easy.

It is made out of surgical quality stainless steel so you won’t have a problem with rust, bluntness as it’s been designed to retain this sharpness for a long time.


This is best suited for salons who have lot of cuticle cutting work to do. Consider buying this only if you loads of dry skin around your fingers and toes and need an affordable, DIY solution that you can do at home and don’t want the hassle of huge salon bills.

Cuticle Nipper with Cuticle Pusher- Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover and Cutter – Durable Manicure and Pedicure Tool -…

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$8.49 $19.99

Practical Nail Art Tools Pedicure Cuticle Trimmer/Remover from Luxxii

This Luxii is a dual ended cuticle pusher and cutter fork. There is no cumbersome clipper here, just a set of two of this multipurpose manicure tools, and can be used in homes, salons etc. On one side, there is this spoon like curved end that will push back cuticles easily and give them that much desired shape as well.

Once they are pushed back, used the fork like blade to scrape away at the cuticle and any other leftover skins that’s tough to remove. You can even do this to remove smaller bits of acrylic nail glue also.


This cuticle pusher/trimmer is great for those who want a fuss free way to keep their nails tidy themselves. Or for people who aren’t comfortable with using the bigger clippers or don’t know how to use them. It is much easier to handle if you’re doing your manicure at home.

Luxxii (2 Pack) Practical Nail Art Tools Pedicure Cuticle Trimmer Remover Pusher Dead Skin Callus Removal Fork Brown (B)

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X7 Cuticle Nippers 1/2 Jaw Cuticle Trimmer/Cutter/Remover from opove

The opove X7 is pretty manoeuvrable and that most cuticle trimmer reviewed seemed to lack. Covered in is space grey coloured titanium coating, this trimmer has great performance, produces no friction and is resistant to rust. You should have no problem snipping away cuticles with precision.

The X7 is sharp and durable too because it’s made from stainless steel and really lasts. Blades given on the tip have been filed by hand to ensure that they stay sharp and cut accurately. this trimmer might have advanced features but isn’t just for the professionals only. You can use this at home easily too, as it cuts tiniest of cuticles quickly and safely. Holding it is no problem as the handle is ergonomic. What’s more is that you also get a lifetime warrant and a gift box too.


The X7 from opove is a goof trimmer that has durability, good grip, awesome cutting. A bit overpriced but you do get good value of it, lifetimes warranty and a storage/gift box. Some users complained about damages, poor assembly and handles falling off from the first use only. This can be summed up to poor packaging & handling but is resolved quickly because of returns and warranty on it.

Cuticle Nippers 1/2 Jaw Extremely Sharp Cuticle Trimmer Scissors Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Cutter Remover Pedicure Manicure Tool, opove X7,…

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Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher for Gel Nail Polish & nail art Remover from ETEREAUTY

ETEREAUTY gives you this professional stainless steel tool kit that not only fixes your cuticles but nails too, but can be used for a range of othermanicure tasks.Made from surgical steel, the cuticle pusher won’t rusted or get tarnished. It should stay sharp for a long time and can be sterilised using soap, water and alcohol.

The pusher is part of a set of five tools, three of which are double ended and are available in a reusable storage box.


This literally is a no risk purchase as you get so many nail tools that work perfectly for nails and cuticles, and for the price of $9.29. The company says that you can return the product is your not happy with it and get a full refund. Since you get so many tools, we think it’s a better option for salons: the blades are very sharp too and are better left to the professionals. You could buy this for home use but you might end up not using the entire kit. All in all, is a great for a very low price.

【New Version】ETEREAUTY Facial Brush Waterproof Body Facial Cleansing Brush Spin Brush for Deep Cleansing, Gentle Exfoliating and Removing Blackhead with…

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$20.49 $49.99

Professional Precision Filing Cuticle Pusher/Trimmer/Remover from Baikal Beauty

This is a unique double sided glass cuticle pusher and cutter set for manicures and pedicures. It comes with its own protective plastic tubing, cap and can be applied to cutting cuticles or pushing them back. This trimmer can even be used for cleaning underneath your nails filing the edges or corners of the nails too.

The advantage of glass trimmers is that they won’t split or tear nails and aren’t sharp enough to injure or inflame cuticle areas either. The rough surface is gentle enough to give you smooth nails without the damages. It is better safer and more durable than your paper an emery board nail files.

It’s easier to use too, where you can use it at home, travelling, in the bath. Simply wash and dry with a clean towel when you’re done as the plastic tube keeps it dirt and germ free. No worries about the trimmer breaking or whether its durable or not as it’s been made out of top notch Czech crystal glass. This glass is know to be very strong and won’t degrade that easily. The double grit area is made with acid engraving etched into the glass. All trimmers are chemically hardened to improve their resistance.


This trimmer should give you a professional manicure or pedicure without paying anything extra. The trimmer is meant for those that don’t like using the steel equivalent mostly because of the damaging effects it has on their nails. A cost effective, durable trimmer that gives you healthier nails at the same time, this is the perfect buy for those with weak, brittle and thinnails.

Glass Cuticle Pusher by Gladzy – Manicure Stick, Professional Precision Filing Cuticle Remover, Soft, Smooth, Elegant-Looking Nails, Abrasive Surface Never…

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Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover/ Trimmer/Cutter Fingernails and Toenails from Xinblue baby

This cuticle trimmer is made from 100% surgical grade stainless steel for sharper, more efficient work.This steel construction also guarantees lasting cutting edges so that it cuts perfectly every time. It even provides easier cleaning, sterilising when needed without rusting.

The trimmer is easy to hold with an ergonomic handle fitted with protective plastic tips and non slip rubber grips. This is essential to prevent slipping and injury when cutting something as small as a cuticle.And you get a plastic /tip that covers the sharper edges and avoid getting stabbed, poked etc.

This is another dual ended tool, with the trimmer that cuts, scrapes away skin on one side and the curved pusher on the other.The jaw head of the trimmer snipper separates the problem area before you can cut it away, and it can manage ragged cuticles, hangnails. It is a great, effective tool for pedicures manicures for use in salons, homes and spas.


A good budget trimmer to add to your manicure arsenal. We like that you get three tools in one set that you only pay$ 5.96 for. One is the cuticles cutter, the second is the cuticle pusher/trimmer duo tool. This set is perfect for the occasional, quick and fast cuticle jobs at home.

Cuticle Trimmer Cuticle Nipper Cuticle Pusher Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover and Cutter – Durable Manicure and Pedicure Tool…

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Tower point FINOXcuticle scissors remover from GERmanikure

This is a FINOX series scissors and not the typical cuticle trimmer we’re used to seeing. Handcrafted by artisans in Solingen, Germany using high carbon FINOXstainless steel known for it’s rust proof, durable and sterilisableproperties.The difference with this tiny scissors is the open, bevelled joint design that reduces friction and crevices. This type of design is easier to clean and lubricate. This trimmer is set in place using the star Torxscrew design in for perfect tension action from the start.

GERmanikures tower point cuticle trimmer can reach the smallest cuticle crevices, with extra narrow blades for all forms of hangnails and cuticles.


A smart, nifty little trimmer that would be great to take whiletravelling. We aren’t sure whether it can handle tougher cuticle trimming jobs, maybe a regular touch up every now and then.$27 is a bit too much for this scissors, where all you get is the small leather cover. It isn’t even a carry pack! Some additional tools along with the scissors should be nice!

Tower Point Cuticle Scissors FINOX Surgical Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover German Cuticle Cutter in Leather GERmanikure Solingen

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Set of Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover & Cuticle Nipper & Cuticle Pusher from SHAYAN

The SHAYAN trimmer is also crafted with stainless steel so that it can be sterilised and give you a precise cut each time it’s used. It comes in special packaging that includes a plastic tip that prevents accidental scrapes, cuts and nicks. For a better lifespan of the tools, you can store them in the PVC Zip storage bag provided.

One tool ispushes cuticle skinso you can cut it off easily. This doubles as a scraper for those gel nails too. The curved pointed, too can be used for lifting cuticle edges and for cleaning out dirt from under your nails.And finally you have the jaw head cutter and cuts off this dead skin. All three tools are made out of durable metal that is tarnish and rust resistant and coloured in the ever popular unicorn pattern.


The tools fit all the important aspects of a good manicure/cuticle trimmer tool. They’re made out of steel, so they are durable and you can sterilise them. You get a good storage bag so that you don’t lose them and they’ll last longer that way. The kit is good for those that want a good manicure, want to remove traces of gel nails but don’t want to go to the salon.

SHAYAN Professional Grade 3 Piece Set Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover & Cutter Cuticle Nipper and Cuticle Pusher

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Professional Toe Nail Clippers and nail cutter Pedicure Tool set from Onuos

This big cutter is more for cutting thicker, harder skin and nails. The blade is curved so you can cut inwards, on those really tiny bits of nails without cutting surrounding skin. This make the tool a good way for long term treatmentof ingrown nails, nails fungus.

Along with the clippers you get another larger nail clipper and a nail lifter. The big handles are perfect for seniors and others that have arthritis and need to use nails tools for these issues.There’s no risk of injury as the cutter are made out of the steel precision crafted for use on thicker nails, to a point where there’s no need to file the nails after they’ve been cut. Cleaning these tools is easy too, where you only have to wipe them clean.


This trimmer is better for older people that suffer from bad nail conditions. It even makes nail and cuticle trimming an easy, fast job too. The spring control makes cutting quick and the thick handles make it easy to hold and prevents slipping. Perfect buy for those with weak hands, thick nails or cuticles, heavier trimming.

Toe Nail Clippers Thick Nails Ingrown Nails, Onous Professional Toenail Clippers Finger Nail Nippers

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$5.99 $29.99

Cuticle Nipper and Pusher Professional Stainless tool set from K-Beauty

K-Beauty provides you with an entire cuticle care kit, complete with storage pouch, a half jaw cuticle trimmer and a double sided cuticle pusher. It’s precise too, being made out of 100% stainless steel that’s been sharpened for easy, painless cuticle cutting.

The tools measure in at 5 ½ inches with curved ends that conform to the natural nail shape as you push back cuticles. Guaranteed to withstand wear, tarnish and sterilisation without rusting. And you can use these tools for any things too like cuticle trimming, manicures and for cleaning out your fingernails.


The metal gives you a good feel and the clippers are pretty sharp. One thing is that the black handle looks like its been simply painted on. It does provide a good grip though and does a good job of pushing and cutting cuticles.

Andlane Cuticle Nipper and Cuticle Pusher- Professional Stainless Steel Cuticle Trimmer, Remover and Cutter – Manicure and Pedicure Tool

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Types of Cuticle Remover

Cuticle nippers are made in ½, ¼ and 1/8 full jaw sizes. The smaller ones are easy to hold and use, giving you greater control especially when you’re doing the cuttingyourself.The larger trimmers are better left to experienced nail technicians but are much faster. This preference is more of a personal thing, so you do need to experiment a bit before you find one that suits you.

Next is the spring usually loaded close to the gears or the handles and come in double, single or barrel. This is the S shaped metal pieces that are fitted on one side of the clipper and moves along the other side to create a spring like action.

Single springs have the benefit of easy replacement, while double springs are metal strips that create tension and don’t grind against the metal. Barrel springs are meant for heavier duty and are metal strips rolled up and tucked inside a barrel. A good cutter should fit easily between your fingers and palm. You can choose between the spoon shaped, fork shaped an cutter type.

What’s the need for the Cuticle Remover

Cuticles pushers are nail tools meant to carry out manicures and pedicures. Its main work is to remove cuticles that are too dry and peeling off. It can even be used for pushing back the skin so that the nails underneath get stronger – a must for weak and brittle nails. Good grooming involves your nails as well, but getting that right is tough. First there’s getting the length right, then you have tomaintain them when you do. Next things get complicated when try getting good nutrition and the rightproducts to make them look really great.

Then there’s cuticle care, that’s important for making our toes, fingers and nails look good.If done correctly using a good cuticle creamand trimmer, you prevent build up of dirt, infection, ingrown toenails and a range of other issues. They might even be used for removing some parts of the nails, if only to trim the skin better. The first thing you do is check for any loose skin around the nails. The mains work of a trimmer is to get rid of this loose skin. If you do have skin that peeled of the mails in this way, then you need a trimmer.

Only remove hangnails, loose skin and the remaining skin on the nails, using the utmost care. If you’re unsure or have never used before, head over to your nearest manicurist. The other reason for investing ins a good cutter is for a good, long lasting and hygienic manicure everytime.People that haver used creams, remover lotions over the years tend to get tougher cuticles as the dead skin cells build up with time. After a time, clipping it off seems sensible.

Then there’s the cosmetic reason. When you go for a manicure, the skin that grows out of your cuticle line is cut off. This is because nail polish when applied close this skin cracks faster and sheds off leading to an untidy look.

Who should buy Cuticle Remover

If you do a lot of paper work, go swimming often and handle strong chemicals, you probably have dry cuticles. Cuticles are unable to produce moistures and oils of their own, like the rest of our skin does. You can’t replace lost moisture with a hand lotion either.You could go for manicures but eventually the cuticle trimmer will have to do.This is one reason to get a decent trimmer, but remember to soften the cuticles first then cut. You could opt for a cuticle pusher as it’s less complex.

Acrylics and gel nails tend to stick better and last longer when you don’t have cuticles and of course, the safer way to remove them is with a trimmer. You could always push them back but they grow back out over the acrylic nails surfaces either dislodging them or getting stuck on them.

If you’d simply like to trim your nails and keep them tidy of all that dry skin, the trimmer is the better and more affordable than frequent salon trips. Pedicures are a whole lot easier too with these kind of cutting equipment. Finally certain technicians may even use them for managing their clients that have thick nails, ingrown nail beds. In this case, it’s recommended going to a professional as they will have better tools and will know what to do. Whatever you decide, preventing infection on and around your skin is as simple as pushing or cutting cuticles out of the way. If this isn’t done, then the skin stretches to a point of splitting. This how hangnails form, breaks the skin surface and leads to bacteria entering in. You can do this properly when the skin is softer and you might be tempted to use your fingernail, but don’t. Get one of these trimmers and push the skin back slowly.

The Final Verdict

Along with a cutter, taking care of your skin will make light work of cuticle trimming. You need a balm or oil meant for this purpose. Apply this regularly whenever your skin feels dry and before going to bed. You can wear cotton gloves over them to prevent making a mess. Wear protective rubber gloves when doing the dishes or other chores around the house to prevent further dehydration. Speaking of being dehydrated, make sure you have loads of juice, water and nutrition that’s good for skin health.

Go to a professional who will tell you if you need to use a cutter and what kind or type will be suited to you or if you not confident about using one. It’s definitely faster, convenient to use a spring loaded trimmer over a fork shaped cutter. Cuticle pushers are better for those that have very thin cuticle skin. If you have an acrylic manicure done, think about keeping one ready so you can trim away cuticle skin as it grows back.

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