Best Cervical Pillows 2019 Reviews & Buying Guides


If you are experiencing neck pain, especially while sleeping or changing your sleep position, do know that you require a specialized cervical pillow to help you out. As per the doctors sleeping on your side or back is the best sleeping position to avoid your neck pain. But to have a relief from sleeping position is not the only way to cure your cervical woes. The patient does require a high-quality pillow for supporting their neck is highly desirable while you sleep.

Some experts suggest the usage of round pillows as they are said to support the natural spine curvature while some endorse the usage of memory foam or feathers. As feathers and memory foam pillows are considered to be best for the neck as they provide comfort to the head.

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows 2019 for Your Everyday Needs

Try to keep your personal preferences upfront, before you buy a cervical pillow for yourself.

Xtreme Comforts

Made up of shredded foam, the Xtreme Comforts pillows are just perfect to be used by people to curb their neck problems. This is a type of hypoallergenic pillows that can bring comfort for you at quite a reasonable price. The pillow owes the customizability and can be used for various kind of sleeping positions. It is not only best for neck pain but can also support your belly or knees.

Features: It uses the Certipur US-certified foam, which marks the fact that there is no heavy metal or harmful chemicals used in making the pillow.

  • Available in king or queen sizes.
  • As it is hypoallergenic, so quite resistant to mildew, bacteria, and molds.
  • The pillow arrives with a bamboo cover and a thin shell as a cover over it.
  • Pillow is washable.
  • The user can adjust the foam through the zipper on the sides of cover and shell.
  • The bamboo cover allows the pillow to remain cool in night.

To use effectively you can customize the pillow by using zippers, as you can flatten in to use under knees or can create it as a comfortable piece to be used under your head.


The pillow is great to use in various sleeping position as per the users comfort and with the bamboo cover attached the heating effect of foam can also be minimized. Easily available Xtreme Comforts can help you in giving relief to your neck as desired by you.

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Mediflow Waterbase

The Mediflow Waterbase pillow is found to have the perfect balance of support and softness. Reasonably priced, the pillow uses a water base to support your head while you sleep. The pillow includes a hypoallergenic fiber filling to comfort the users. The product is said to feature a thermal insulator for maintaining a cooler temperature, the people who find themselves flipping over the more relaxed side can enjoy these features the most. But, do know the water filled pillow also retains enough heat to make the users comfortable while sleeping.


  • The hypoallergenic design of pillow can help people with various allergies and asthma.
  • The product arrives with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, to take the users experience to the other level.
  • Instead of a water-based pouch, the pillow arrives with a two-purpose tool. At the bottom, there is a funnel-like space to unscrew the pillow and re-tighten the cap. The screw can also be used to remove or add water easily.
  • Reduces neck pain to improve your sleep

Known for being one of the best water pillows, the mediflow water based tops the list in the categories. Quite useful in relieving the pain and allow people to have a sound sleep. The thermal insulation maintains the temperature and gives rest to the head in the various sleeping positions.

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Tri-Core Cervical by Core Products

The Tri-core cervical pillow is known for its ability to alleviate the neck pain and align the spinal cord correctly in a natural position. Available in various sizes and colors, the pillow provides better support and can last longer as compared to the other traditional pillows. The pillow comes in a trapezoid shape and also delivers orthopedic benefits for the back and allowing the built-in neck rolls to support the neck. For a cervical alignment, the side sleepers can benefit from raised sides.

  • The pillow has many size variants, for the adults the full size is found to be appropriate. While smaller framed adults can use mid-sized pillows too. The petite size is suitable for children and adolescents.
  • The pillow also allows us choosing from the firmness requirement. If you select the gentle support option, then your pillow will contain less amount of fiber which will reduce the firmness and height of the pillow.
  • The pillow is hand washable and fits appropriately to the standard pillowcase.
  • The pillow cover made up of blended cotton is soft to touch and breathable.

The Tri-core cervical is one of the pillows that can ease you out from neck pain due to its unique shape supporting your body parts. Through promoting best health, as the pillow provides maximum comfort and rectify any nerve malfunction in your body.

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Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction

The  Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction pillow is perfect for the side sleepers and back sleepers. The pillow is divided into two components, one is neck roll side, and the other one is V side. The neck roll side supports the neck and eases out the pain from wherever necessary while the V side can give your neck traction or gently stretch it to ease the patient out of the pain.

  • This is a firm pillow and can support your back while laying down.
  • The pillow is available in many sizes and for detailed measurements of each size try contacting the company for the charts.
  • The pillow is found useful for the patients having the reverse curve, forward head pressure, and military neck.
  • Hand stuffed and follows the ergonomic design
  • Made up of hypoallergenic polyester fiber

The Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction pillow is an excellent choice for the people to have back and neck issues. A bit expensive in the range but found to provide the relief to neck and help patients in getting assistance in many related problems.

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Classic Brands Conforma

The pillows stuffed with memory foam often face complaints of getting hot while sleeping. The Classic brands Conforma is one such pillow that can be seen as bliss for using ventilated memory foam for the users. The pillow is comprised of small holes drilled in foam to allow the airflow without compromising the product ability for supporting your head. The pillow comes with a cover which is washable and is removable too.

  • The responsive memory foam used provides ergonomic support and is found to be ideal for back and side sleepers.
  • Memory foam usage in pillow makes it resistant to bacteria, mold, dust mites and allergens.
  • The ventilated memory foam used can regulate the temperature of the body while sleeping.
  • The pillow provides comfort to your neck, shoulders, and head.
  • The pillow is covered with a soft velour cover.

The Classic Brands Conforma is one of the best pillows to provide support to the neck and back of the users. The firm pillow has helped people addicted to different sleeping positions and have assisted in finding rest while sleeping and using the pillow through.

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Contour Memory Foam from Sleep Innovations

The contour memory foam pillow is best for side and back sleepers. The pillow for the neck pain can provide therapeutic support will allow you to feel recharged, refreshed and also ready to wake up fresh every day. Choosing between the lower and higher contours to help the users with support. The therapeutic design of the pillow can allow you to adapt as per your neck, shoulders, and head to provide extended gentle alignment, support, and comfort desired by you.

  • The contour design reduces stiffness and pain.
  • Promotes deep sleeping.
  • The pillow holds its shape while sleeping, irrespective of being firm and soft and provide gentle support to the neck.
  • Pillow is available in two variants, one is regular, and the other is queen. Choose the one that suits your requirements.
  • The contour design of the pillow can keep your head in the correct state while you sleep.

The contour memory foam pillow is one of the best pillows to be able to help people out with neck issues. The pillow design is specially designed for supporting your head and neck while you dive down in sleep.

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Chiroflow Premium Water

The Chiroflow premium water pillow is one of the reasonably priced pillows that can even allow you to fill tap water to start with. Quite useful in neck problems, the pillow will enable you to adjust the thickness and firmness to suit your preferences and needs through. Promoting restful and deep sleep, the pillow is based on water-based technology which is best in bringing relief to neck pain.

  • The pillow arrives with the soft hypoallergenic fiber with a feasible water base, quite easy to fill.
  • Regular usage of pillow helps you in falling asleep faster and waking up less during the night.
  • Proper sleep allows your skin to rejuvenate and can also reverse the adverse effects of fatigue.
  • Quite useful in easing out the pain from neck, shoulder, and head.
  • To prevent loss of water, the pillow is surrounded by a thermal insulator.

Being water-based pillow, the product is best in improving the quality of sleep and reducing the neck pain for users. Pillow works for long years as compared to the traditional ones. As its loft is adjustable with the amount of water to be used as per the people's requirement. The pillow is considered to serve best in neck pain.

MyPillow Premium Series

One of the best and expensive pillows available, the MyPillow is made up of interlocking fill for adjusting as per the sleeping position of the users. The pillow is equipped with four different loft levels, that can allow you to pick up one as per your size of the body. The pillow is manufactured in the US, and various surveys on users have resulted that the pillows have enhanced deep sleep for the users.

  • Equipped with patented adjustable interlocking fill.
  • Guarantees that pillow will not go flat for ten years.
  • Regular usage reduces the habit of snoring and daytime fatigue
  • Can serve best people with neck injuries and help them in taking proper rest in nights.

MyPillow series has been one of the fabulous pillows known well across the globe. They are best in providing comfort in neck pain and reduces the fatigue levels after full day work too. The pillow is available across the markets and can be bought through online stores also.

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Best Cervical Pillows Buying Guide & Pro Tips

If you look forward to deciding for buying out a cervical pillow that can help you for alleviating your neck pain, you can see for many web platforms to help you with the various options. While going through the markets too, you will find many pillows for the neck support to choose from.

For shopping the best pillows for you, a general idea should every user have. Otherwise, there are chances that he can have a hard time while choosing one.

The first thing that he should know while looking for one is the material that he can use for stuffing his pillows to help in back pain, shoulder, and neck. One of the famous and best option to be found till now is memory foam which is already used in mattresses and now is becoming a key leader in pillows as well. Another option that is gaining momentum is water based pillows as some of them have topped the charts for popularity and providing comfort to the body.

There are many therapeutic neck traction pillows as well, who are supposed to be made up from substantial chunks or shredded memory foam. While purchasing a pillow, you can look at any of the categories of memory foam and can consider them as an option while shopping.

Water pillows are one of the options that can cause quick relief in headaches and neck pain. Many users while reading through or choosing from many, do not consider water as a viable material to be filled in pillows, but if used correctly it can help in getting rid of neck problems. As water can never be compressed, so the same gives you a firm feeling while sleeping. Maybe it seems odd, but it is worth a try.

Other than material to be filled in the pillow the other variable that owes the importance for any user is the shape of the pillow. The curved pillows are quite commonly seen in the market and are majorly bought by the public. 

Because of the shape of the neck and the head area, it becomes difficult to lie comfortably over a flat surface without instigating pain in your shoulders or neck. The contour shaped pillow like using a cervical pillow can be of great help for you. The cervical pillow helps the people by filling the space between the mattress and neck by providing the necessary support desired in the night.

To remain healthy with time, proper rest is desired for every human being. Buying out an ergonomic pillow will allow you to reduce all your neck problems in a way they were never there. You will not only love waking up without any issues with your stiff neck and will also like to sleep as there is no hindrance during sleeping hours.

People who take proper rest are said to face low levels of stress and live a better quality of life. At times it is hard to believe that a pillow can give you such a relief, but it’s true. If you have issues with your neck and feel pain often then picking up an excellent pillow can improve your life in various ways you would like ever to imagine.

The difference between using cervical pillows while sleeping?

Using cervical pillows while sleeping have many nuances for the humans and one of the main difference is it allows you to wake up well-rested. As per the research, a human being spends one-third of his life while sleeping. And if the same is uncomfortable than the possibilities of deteriorating health is quite high.

The cervical support pillows support your neck and body overnight. While researching through the market, you will find pillows of various shapes and each style is perfect for many sleeping styles. For example, if you are using cradle pads, it will help you in decreasing the weight of your head by lessening the tension on the bone and neck. This type of pillow also keeps the nasal passage open and prevents snoring too.

The type of cervical pillows that provides a convenient spinal curvature while sleeping is also called as neck pillows. They are smaller in shape and can surround your neck while using. One can select from various sizes suitable as per their body from the market. The neck cervical support pillows are best for side and back sleepers.

The cervical pillows are comprised of a curved edge which is said to lower in middle and higher on one side. This type of pillow serves well to cradle the user’s head and relaxes the upper vertebrae. The unique curvature formed keeps the alignment of the neck in the right position and also creates a place for shoulders to rest appropriately.

If you are using cervical roll style pillows for supports, do know that they can be used for multiple functions. As when placed under the neck and head they provide perfect spinal alignment to the user. If you are facing any lower back troubles for example Sciatica, then also they can be of great help for you.

Various Causes of Neck Pain: 

In most of the cases, the neck problems are caused due to the wrong sleeping position. While sleeping, you must be quite aware of the fact that the neck and head position should be at rest and which positions can cause pain to your body. As you know your body more than anyone else, so always try to follow your instinct for the kind of sleeping position you want to settle in every night.

While shopping for a good pillow for your neck, always look forward to the one that can help you in relaxing your neck and head in a comfortable position. For example, if you like to sleep with your head up from the mattress than do look for memory foam or if your preference is for lying flat that making a softer choice can help you out. Don’t jump into conclusions in a day try using the pillows for 10-15 days and then create an opinion about the same as some of the pillows are quick responsive while others take time to respond you.

The Final Verdict

The above list can guide you in finding the right pillow for your neck needs. While placing your order for orthopedic pillow try to give yourself some time before you can adjust or can expect the desired results from. Every pillow takes time to adjust as per your needs, giving some time to them to have a look at the kind of comfort you are looking forward will be helpful for you as a patient.

For neck, head and shoulder rest, pillows play a significant role as they allow them to beat through the time and provide the human body with required sleep. Take care of your sleep, as of you sleep well, you tend to devote more productive hours at your work. Start taking proper sleep at nights by opting for the best pillow and make yourself comfortable with.

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